8oz Infused Lotions
8oz Infused Lotions

8oz Infused Lotions

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We are reformulating our lotion recipe! These will be back in stock soon! (except for the limited amounts left listed)

All Natural Hand Infused Lotion. Comes in a beautiful 8oz amber bottle with sleek black pump. Scented with essential oils. Truly moisturizing and effortlessly soothing. Great to keep on your desk at work, in the bathroom or kitchen to re-moisturize after washing, or in your bedroom to apply in the morning to start your day, or at night to truly relax.

We scent our products with pure essential oils only- no fragrance oils here!

Lavender Chamomile- Super relaxing- to the mind and body. Put yourself in an all around soothing and relaxing state. The herbal, floral, sweet scent is sure to please!

*seasonal scents also available, when launches are live

We also have Plain Jane, which is unscented.

**pictured are our plastic bottles, we only carry glass now. They dont look exactly like that, but similar. updated photos coming soon!

Net Wt. 8oz/226.8g

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