DIY Kids Soap Kit
DIY Kids Soap Kit
DIY Kids Soap Kit
DIY Kids Soap Kit
DIY Kids Soap Kit

DIY Kids Soap Kit

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This is such a fun kit for the kiddos to do! (Younger children will need your help, as heat is involved. Use your discretion, as you know your child the best, and be safe!)

This kit will make 1 (approx 3-3.5oz) bar of soap. I made these kits individually so you can purchase per child or as desired. In addition to the kit, you will need a microwave safe bowl, and a spoon or spatula.

Each kit includes:

-soap base

-citrus essential oil blend

-blue pigment

-1 fish (randomly chosen)

-1 clamshell to pour your soap into

-a little container, should you have extra soap (this depends on the fish you receive, as they are slightly different sizes) (no waste this way!)


*all ingredients are organic whenever possible

*all ingredients come pre-weighed/measured for you

*it is optional to add the pigment and the essential oils

Thorough directions come with this kit to make it an easy project for you at home!

The kit does not come with the sample finished product, as might be pictured. This is just to show you what it may look like.

If you have any questions, please reach out!