Vanilla Oat Facial Toner

Vanilla Oat Facial Toner

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This lovely seasonal botanical facial toner is perfect for any skin type, especially skin on the dryer side. Enjoy the soothing attributes of organic oat. We also added in citrine & white howlite crystals for added benefit and beauty. This is mildly scented, as i didn't want to over power the healing benefits of the oat ingredients. 

Typical toners are usually only recommended for after facial treatments or if you have oily skin. My dry skin peeps- have no fear! This toner is perfect for you! Great for daily use and for after a facial treatment, like a steam or masque to properly close pores and help tighten and tone them. It is also a great refresh spray to bring a dewy look anytime of the day!

Each toner comes in a clear 2oz glass bottle with black spray top. Please keep out of direct sunlight and heat/cold.

Ingredients: Oat Extract, Oat Amino Acid, *Alcohol Free Witch Hazel Distillate, White Tea Extract, Vanilla Hydrosol, Vanilla Oil, Citrine & Howlite Crystals, Vegetable Root Ferment (Preservative).