Bath Salt Ornaments

Bath Salt Ornaments

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These make the perfect gift add on or to add to a gift box, set, or basket! Each is filled with our signature bath salt blend, organic lavender buds, organic rose petals, and lavender essential oil.

Our bath salt blend consists of dead sea salt and mineral rich magnesium sulfate. They help detox the body, helping it to release toxins. They also penetrate deeply, helping to ease sore muscles and tension in the body.

Lavender is a relaxing oil, and is a customer favorite. The lavender and rose petals make for a beautiful gift!

Each comes with directions and is enough for atleast 2 full baths. Or 5-6 foot baths. You can then wash and thoroughly dry the bulb and make your own ornament you can cherish for years to come!

They come with an adorable tag adhered with twine. It is very presentable for a gift as is! Please note that these are not suitable to hang on the tree with salts in them, they are too heavy.

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