Facial Masques
Facial Masques
Facial Masques
Facial Masques
Facial Masques

Facial Masques

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All natural facials, made with freshly dried fruits, veggies, flowers, and herbs! Just add water! All are vegan!

These are the newest thing in facial care! And ours are fresh when YOU want them! Purchase this freshly dried mix, you add water when you want, and its fresh, exactly when you want it! Make it as complex as you'd like, by adding milk, oil, yogurt, brewed tea, etc. Or things like mashed avocado, whisked egg, banana. Whatever you would like, to add extra nutrients and texture.  Directions also come on each masque on how to mix them. Depending on the consistency you like, you can get up to 10-15 facials out of one pouch!

Midnight- Cleanse and detox your skin. Release impurities and rebalance skin, for that midnight glow.

Tiger- Tired of scarred and damaged skin? Properly nourish skin, rebuild cells, and diminish those stripes with this fruity- floral masque!

Tropical Tease- Want that young youthful glow? Juicy mangoes and ripe bananas will revitalize your skin- leaving you shine.

Lil' Punkin- Have troubled skin? We all do at times. Calm those pesky pimples with this tomato and pumpkin based masque. (new formula as of 9/21) 

Green Goddess- Filled with antioxidants. Re-nourish dull skin. Bring out the goddess in you.

Queen- Moisturize and balance dry skin- be the queen of your world. (new formula as of 4/23)

Sweetheart- The perfect masque for sensitive skin! Rejuvenates and moistens, leaving your skin feeling ultra soft and smooth! (new formula as of 4/23)

Babe- Bring out the babe in you with this berry loaded anti-aging masque. Smooth out wrinkles and nourish skin. (new formula as of 2/22)

Clayopatra- The height of exquisite beauty. Clay balances and rejuvenates skin, leaving skin smooth. This blend of 4 clays is safe for all skin types.

Pudding- Face mud! The classic mud masque- with a twist! Mud draws out impurities and hydrates skin perfectly. Good for all skin types.

If you need insight on which masque would best suit your skin needs, email us!

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Net Wt. 1-2.5oz

Ingredients for each Masque are different. We will update our site with this information soon! In the meantime, if you have allergies or concerns, feel free to contact us.

Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page before purchasing.

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