Bug Off Bug Repellant Roll On

Bug Off Bug Repellant Roll On

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We have been making our bug spray for many years now, and it always gets asked for when bug season comes back around. The blend not only works, but I think it smells pretty darn good too. It also isn't sticky or full of toxic ingredients. Also, this blend is safe for kids 1yr+ and your dogs, too!

There are 4 products to choose from, two sprays, a roll on, and a diffuser oil blend. All are the same oil blend base, just in different product use form.


Our all natural bug spray! Keep the skeeters away with this all natural, chemical free, non sticky formula! Made with a proprietary blend of oils to keep those nasty bugs at bay. Its a must-have for any outdoor activity! There are 2 size and bottle type options. 3.5oz comes in an aluminum bottle, great for on the go and to toss in your bag. 8oz comes in a glass bottle, great for at home (unless you're careful with it on the go). Made with alcohol free witch hazel.


Get a 10ml amber glass roll on, with a stainless ball top. Great to roll on any exposed skin. Comes in a smaller package, perfect for your pocket or purse (or when spraying something, in public for example, isn't an option). Made with organic coconut oil.


Get a 5ml dropper bottle to put in your diffuser. This is a pure oil blend, so just a few drops will do ya. Do not put directly on your skin. Set your diffuser outside on your patio, add a few drops and turn it on. It will keep the bugs at bay in the area it is diffusing in. Each diffuser will run and distribute differently, so be aware of that with your specific diffuser.

Proprietary Blend of Pure Essential Oils.

This Bug Off blend is one we created years ago! It is a proprietary blend of pure essential oils.

It has been tested tried and true for mosquitos. If you find this has worked for any other bugs etc in your area, please let us know!

Please use for this season only and get new each year. It has a recommendation of a year shelf life, but we want the most potent product possible to yield the best results.

Please use caution with kids and pets. Please check with your medical provider if there are any medical issues before use. Please check our disclaimer at the bottom for all info.