DIY Lipbalm Kit
DIY Lipbalm Kit

DIY Lipbalm Kit

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The perfect kit for all DIY and lipbalm lovers!

This kit will make 12 lipbalms! You can make them just flavored, or flavored and colored! The base is separated into 2 containers, so you can make 2 different kinds/shades of lipbalms! In addition to the kit, you will need a microwave safe pyrex (or glass vessel with a pour spout), and a spoon or spatula. A small whisk is helpful if you decide to use the pigments as well. I also recommend laying down something like aluminum foil or wax paper to cover your space where you pour the tubes. If you want to design labels, you will also need pens or markers. You will also need some paper towels, to clean out the pyrex and to wipe down tubes, if needed.

*note- if you don't have a pyrex with a spout, let me know and I will send a pipette with your order to fill the tubes by hand. I do not recommend this, but it will work if need be

Each kit includes:

-lipbalm base (2 containers)

-2 essential oils of choice

-2 shades of pigment

-12 tubes with caps

-1 sheet of blank labels


*all ingredients are organic whenever possible

*all ingredients come pre-weighed/measured for you

*it is optional to add the pigment and the essential oils

Thorough directions come with this kit to make it an easy project for you at home!

The kit does not come with the sample finished product, as might be pictured. This is just to show you what it may look like.

If you have any questions, please reach out!