Petal Power Bath Salts
Petal Power Bath Salts

Petal Power Bath Salts

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Our Petal Power Bath Salts are a delightful blend, perfect for a springtime bath. Made with our signature salt blend of dead sea and magnesium sulfate, they not only sooth the skin, but they also penetrate deeply, helping to ease sore muscles and tension. We have added 4 different organic flowers and ylang ylang oil to make this lovely blend, both the skin and nose will enjoy.

If you ever caught me at a local event, you may have seen these salts before! Or maybe not, because I could barely keep them in stock at events! Well, I have decided to bring them back for you all!

Comes in a resealable kraft bag. They also come with directions for both a full bath and a foot soak.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Magnesium Sulfate, *Calendula, *Elderflower, *Lavender, *Rose, Essential oils. *Organic

This product is all natural, made with organic ingredients whenever possible, gluten free, cruelty free, and vegan.