Vanilla Bean Magnesium Creme

Vanilla Bean Magnesium Creme

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Replenish magnesium in this easy to use body creme. Hydrate skin at the same time.
Apply as desired. A little goes a long way. Over 600mg Magnesium per container.

Magnesium can help with so much- sleep, stress, pain, cramps, circulation, and more. Our bodies are often low on it as well. This limited-edition scent is made with real vanilla oleoresin (not a synthetic fragrance) and real vanilla bean on top! It is a gorgeous treat for the skin! 

4oz glass jar

Ingredients: Almond Oil, Plant Based Emulsifier, Cocoa Butter, Filtered Water, Magnesium, Vegetable Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol (A paraben free preservative), Plant/Essential Oils, Vanilla Bean.