Wool Dryer Balls & Dryer Ball Oil
Wool Dryer Balls & Dryer Ball Oil
Wool Dryer Balls & Dryer Ball Oil

Wool Dryer Balls & Dryer Ball Oil

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This is for a set of 3 100% Wool Dryer Balls. Handspun and triple felted to ensure quality. Unscented, so you can add essential oils if you choose. Or leave them plain!

These started out as an experiment for my own personal use, and quickly became one of our best sellers! This is a growing 'fad', rightfully so, because- THEY WORK! They are a small investment for a lot of savings- and a great way to help reduce chemical use in your home!

Throw all balls in dryer with clothes, dry as usual. As they tumble throughout the dryer, they increase circulation, drying your garments up to 50% faster! Also reduces wrinkles, can reduce static cling, and softens clothing. You can toss out your fabric softener and dryer sheets! You can add a few drops of essential oils to each ball, every 2-3 loads, if desired. You can add them every time if you want a stronger scent, or less for less. You want to use all 3 balls for any normal sized load (small-medium) and 2-3 more for larger loads. Really, the more the better.

Each set includes 3 tennis ball sized wool balls in a beautiful kraft bag. You can store them in this bag, or in a decorative basket of your choosing. They make lovely decor!

We now carry our very own dryer ball oil! We have blended our favorite laundrytime oils to make this refreshing scent! Comes in a dark glass 5ml bottle with dropper top (unlike the one pictured, that is an example of our other EO's) Get the set and save $1! In the set, you will get the 5ml bottle. A larger 15ml bottle is also available!

**we will be morphing into selling these sets in a natural muslin bag instead of the kraft bag. Once the kraft bags are all sold, we will start the muslin bags. Until then, you are welcome to request which one you prefer in the note at checkout.

Our brand new Dryer Ball Oil is a convenient way to add our fave oils to your clothes! We have expertly blended oils of lavender, orange, and lemongrass, making a wonderful blend, perfect for any laundry routine! If you prefer to choose your own oils, you can shop them here. Our Dryer Ball Oil will come in a 5ml dark glass bottle with a dropper top, making it convenient to use. We will soon be adding a larger bottle option available for purchase.

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To order any other oils for your dryer balls, visit here.


How long do these last?

To be honest, I don't know. I have never had one unravel, fall apart, or "stop working". That is why we triple felt them, to help ensure that this doesn't happen- and it hasn't! I apply oils every time I want them. The more oils you apply, the stronger the scent. I have personally never had staining on any of my clothes. Note: If you add a lot of oil, chances are you might stain certain pieces. (example, a dark colored oil in a load of whites- not a good mix). Stick with your 'basics'- lavender, lemon, lime, chamomile, and other lighter oils. (Note: We are not responsible for any staining or malfunctions of any kind. Start with small amounts of oil until you become comfortable with use.)