Lavender Chamomile Tub Tea

Lavender Chamomile Tub Tea

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Soak in a nice, relaxing bath of warm water and soothing herbs. These are our organic herbal bath blends sealed in an oversized tea bag for convenience. Just throw in your tub or foot spa. Enjoy the benefits and relaxing qualities of the organic herbs and essential oils without the mess!

We offer 3 different blends. Lavender Chamomile is a floral blend of both lavender buds and chamomile flowers. Doubly relaxing and soothing to the skin as well. Our Sore Muscle Soak is one of our signature blends. Full of herbs that ease the tension lurking in your body and joints. Organic herbs infused with sage oil. Earl Grey and Orange Blossom is more of a fun, uplifting blend. Great for day soaks. Ease your mind as you soak away to a far away land where anything is possible!

Perfect for one bath, but if used within a couple days, you can use it in a second bath. Discard after. This is for the bath, it is not for consuming.

Directions: Fill your tub or basin with water (whatever temperature you prefer) Set tea bag in under running water, leaving it in the water while you are soaking.

Set of 3 comes with 1 of each blend. If you prefer a different combo, put it in the note to seller at checkout.

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